4 Day Team Camp:

We EXCEL at improving teams and players to win championships.

Get a head start on the competition with 12 hours of team instruction, 12 hours of competition and 4 hours of position training.

Each team is provided an instructor that stays with the team the entire camp. The high school coach determines what systems will be used and refined for the 2018 season. If desired, our camp coach can recommend any systems based on team personnel. Any involvement by the high school coach at camp is welcomed and attendance is encouraged, but not necessary. Awards will be given to the Division Champion at the end of camp.



Each team registered in the camp has one free playing slot in the tournament but can purchase another slot for $300. Prizes given to winners.



Team building, team chemistry, and cooperation is a natural by-product of our camp schedule. The warm up and cool down sessions involve team building and competitive activities. Our yell/skit competition provides opportunities for leadership and often brings out unrealized team talent. It also brings fun and entertainment to camp. These activities help your team to work together toward common goals.